My mission in life has been helping others reach goals they never thought they could…I have been a trainer/coach for over 15 years, working with an extremely wide range of clients; from professional athletes, to the “age grouper” Ironman competitors, to my own mother, a horse-back rider rehabilitating from a life-changing back injury.

There are many aspects to what we describe as being “FIT” – some people see medals on the wall, others see living the best versions of themselves. The best version isn’t just what we do in the gym or during our 60-minute workout, it is how we live our lives. Fitness is a combination of SLEEP, HYDRATION, EXERCISE, DIET & MORE!

What gives me the qualifications to assist in improving this wide range of clients is my vast experience, my desire to keep improving, and my goal to help others be at their best. I know from personal experience as an athlete that no one gets to the top alone.

Throughout my career I have received guidance from professionals in all areas of the field who have helped me become a winning athlete. I have learned what gets the best results and have gained insight into developing my own style of training that will help you reach your goals.

I strongly believe in the athlete – coach bond. The athlete has to trust their coach and the coach has to know how to inspire their athlete. This starts with a learning process. Learning the strengths, weaknesses and desires of each client. If the goal is to complete a race, we inspire that. If the goal is to recover, we encourage that. An athlete’s past performance does not dictate their future. All of our future goals are yet to be achieved. These goals are achieved through a combination of training principles: core strength, joint mobility, muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness. All of us can develop this winning formula.

Through all the pains and gains, my obsession with fitness has made me life-long friends as well as memories that will never fade.

Fitness has been my life, my passion, my purpose.
Let me share with you what I have learned and discovered along my journey.
Let me help you accomplish your goals and dreams.

coaching experience

Coach D has extensive racing and coaching experience, a former professional soccer player turned endurance athlete, having competed in a variety of disciplines; sprint to iron distance triathlon, duathlon, off-road (Xterra), skimo and road/mountain biking events to name a few.

coaching certifications

– 15+ years coaching and racing experience
– USA Triathlon
– USA Cycling
– Training Peaks